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Add Web3 To Reach New Customers

Receive Access to Workshops and Complimentary Advisory Sessions

Videos and workshop recordings for how to implement web3 in your industry. Everyone who signs up also gets a complimentary advisory session with the Birdwell Solutions team about how they can use web3 technology.

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Attend Our Live Workshops

RSVP on Eventbrite to see more information about workshops and to sign up

Event Schedule

Industries with widespread web3 adoption

  • Thursday August 18th - Art (visual art sales and art galleries, physical and digital)

  • Thursday September 1st - Social Clubs

  • Thursday September 15th - Gaming

  • Thursday September 29th - Finance

Industries with emerging web3 adoption

  • Thursday October 13th - Sports

  • Thursday October 27th - Real Estate

  • Thursday November 10th - Ecommerce

  • Thursday December 8th - Fashion

  • Future events - Events, Energy/Utilities, Health and Wellness, Hospitality, Consumer Brand Goods

Recording of our first webinar listed on Youtube

Office Hours

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