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Captain Service

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Captain Service is an on-demand service provider for users experiencing mechanical, electrical or plumbing problems.


This tool leverages a supply & demand market and turnkey platform to provide immediate fixes to a range of issues with managed payment and coordination.


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LifeMapping is a service designed for people to track pivotal moments in their life in which they realized it was time to make a change and be a better person.


Lifemapping's web application enables users to scrapbook and share their memories. By connecting stories on a map the timeline of smaller stories intuitively connects images, music and written words.

Details about Handoff, Maps, Databases

After Lifemapping split with their previous developers they needed a partner capable of bringing their deprecated web application up to speed.


This app showcases our experience transitioning an old codebase, working with map interfaces, and performing a database migration.

Technologies Used: Angular, Node.JS, Express.JS, Postgres, Docker

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