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Why and How to Buy an NFT; A Fun Way to Save Dolphins

Why and How to Buy an NFT; A Fun Way to Save Dolphins

Many of you have heard about NFTs. Maybe you even know what an NFT Collection is. But why would you buy an NFT? And how would you do it?

This article aims to give you an understanding of the basics. Through an explanation of the core terminology and walking through an example NFT Collection you will end this by understanding the motivation NFT buyers have to join a project. This is not investment advice. This is education centered on understanding technology and user behavior.

A quick note before we begin; the project I will use as an example here is If you have more questions about their mission or how to get involved let me know and I’d be happy to connect you! My team at Birdwell Solutions was lucky enough to work to help launch Cardolphins. If you or your company want to explore launching one reach out we can help!

Okay let's go!

What is an NFT Collection and how is that different than a standalone NFT?

An NFT Collection is a lot like a collection of art, a creator will release a series of NFTs that are grouped into a “Collection”.

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Anyone who buys one of the NFTs in this series is called an “NFT Holder” within that particular “NFT Collection”.

At the very least NFT Holders own an NFT that they can later sell to other potential NFT Holders.

To give more long-term value to the NFTs within the Collection creators give other benefits to NFT Holders, the most common of which is access to a community.

So to bring it together an NFT Collection is a series of NFTs. Buyers who purchase one of the NFTs in the collection get, in addition to the NFT they purchased, access to benefits such as a community. If you remembered “NFT Collections” as “Communities for NFT Holders with special perks” you’d be pretty close.

NFT Collections are Communities for NFT Holders with special perks

Why do people buy NFTs that are part of NFT Collections?

Why do people buy anything? Because it feels good? Because it solves a problem? While this is a challenging philosophical question to answer briefly, let’s analyze a few solid reasons.

By purchasing and holding an NFT in the collection Holders may:

1️⃣ Get real world discounts and/or access to giveaways. Ex: a musician who offers discounted tickets and a chance to win a back stage pass

2️⃣ Get exclusive access to in-person experiences and venues. Ex: private party for Holders only

3️⃣ Get future gifts from the creators of the collection. Ex: when a new project is launched they give you free coins

4️⃣ Make money off re-selling the asset in the future

Most Collections also have a company mission, a problem they are solving, and a roadmap. Similar to how buying shares in a company lets them operate their business plan or how giving to a charitable cause increases their reach, you buying a piece of the Collection will enable them to realize that.

To explain how this works let’s use a real-world example; The Cardolphins NFT Collection.

Okay so now to revisit the original question:

What is the Cardolphins NFT Collection?

The Cardolphins NFT Collection is a series of NFTs with dolphin artwork that is traded on the Cardano blockchain. In total there are 8,888 dolphins. There is also a community that supports these NFTs.

Here’s an image of one of them here.

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Why do people buy dolphins from the Cardano NFT Collection?

  1. To support real dolphins (a portion of funds from all sales in perpetuity goes to a verified 501(c)3)

  2. To join the community

  3. To be a part of their roadmap

  4. To own a cool piece of digital art

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Learn more about Cardolphins on their website at!

Watch the video below to see the process of buying a Cardolphin!

How do you buy an NFT and access benefits?

NFTs are a digital asset that you usually need to use cryptocurrency to by. Don't be afraid the steps to buying an NFT and then using it to access a community are easy to follow:

1. Set up a Crypto Wallet and fill it with the digital currency you need.

2. Use that wallet to purchase an NFT (now the NFT is in your wallet).

3. Use your wallet to prove to others that you do in fact own the NFT. Access your benefits!

To show you how it's done I have a video below where I purchase a Cardolphin and then go onto Discord to access the community. This is a high level understanding and is not the same for every NFT or for every device. More resources in links at the bottom of this article.

Note: In this video I minted a Cardolphin directly from the project's mint page. This is like buying one brand new in the package. Alternatively I could have bought a Cardolphin on the secondary market using a tool like CNFT.Tools (check them out here).


Cardolphins website/minting page, secondary market

The Nami wallet I used to buy my Cardolphin

Setting up a wallet on Coinbase

The Cardolphins are designed by 3D artist Akira Thompson and PDA.NYC, the creative studio founded by Aaron Mosher and David Yankelewitz

How to set up a crypto wallet

Whiteboard crypto - one of my favorite crypto channels

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Schedule a meeting with me to brainstorm NFTs! We help companies build dApps and NFT collections.


Always do your own thorough research into any project before investing. There are plenty of resources online to help you learn what to look for and how to verify a project. This article is educational and is not investment advice.

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