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Our Work & Projects

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A media company that celebrates inspirational stories, launch of digital collectibles (NFTs) coming soon

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CryptoNdani Payments

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Send cryptocurrency with a confirmaiton code. Beta is live on BNB testnet

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JIT Conceirge

Smart Locker interface for residential and commercial

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What's Nxt

Guides high school students in following plans towards their next career

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Cardolphins CNFT Collection

8,888 Dolphins on Cardano. % of funds go to help real dolphins

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Volunteer Time Tracking for organizations that verifies time logs with a supervisor

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Web application that allows for scrapbooking with maps

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Platform to match landowners with outdoors enthusiasts to rent space

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Captain Service

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Cross-platform mobile app that connects MEP providers with tenants in need

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Perfect World Trilogy

A site that announces the launch of the Perfect World Trilogy book series

Happy Wellness

Basic website with activity guide for innovative yoga mats

Non Profit Sites

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Raising Black Scholars

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Rahma Heart Care

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Unity Through Arts and Culture


Projects we have been directly involved in.

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Capital Entrepreneurs

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Virtual United

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Forward Tech Conference

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