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Solutions that bring you to market fast and support long term

Our experience building 15+ apps and working with hundreds of developers powers your product

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Supporting Projects At All Stages of Development

Product Development

We help early stage companies to develop their roadmap and raise funds to build version 1

Market-Ready App

When customer needs are known but a product is needed to go to market we build what you need to get there

Dedicated Team

When a product grows it needs a team of dedicated developers, our team supports you long term

Product Development for Startups

When you are launching a new product it is important to build smart. We partner with startups to:

  • Launch a landing page to attract early adopters

  • Design prototypes

  • Conduct market research and focus groups

  • Build a pitch deck

  • Raise money from investors

  • Build and launch an MVP

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Land2Share's MVP Launch received hundreds of inquiries within 1 week of launch

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Mobile and Web App Development

If you have plans to build an app we partner to deliver your users an incredible experience. We do this by:

  • Designing intuitive interfaces

  • Developing features for any use case

  • Iteratively building with agile and lean methodologies

  • Launching to beta users early and often

  • Capturing data and analytics to best monetize

Altruize leverages a web interface for administrators in addition to their mobile app

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Smart Contract, Blockchain,
NFT, & dApp Development

The next generation of tech companies will be built using decentralized technology. We specialize in:

  • Creating custom Smart Contracts

  • Cryptocurrency payment solutions and Defi

  • Building dApps that leverage blockchain and NFTs

  • Proprietary blockchains

  • DAO development and support

  • Metaverse building and experiences

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Cardolphins is an NFT collection on Cardano that donates funds to save dolphins

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System Architecture


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