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W3gets is a great way to add web 3 widgets to your website quickly, effortlessly, and without having to write any code! Our low-cost custodial wallet will make it easy for small businesses and other people to access their private keys, store their crypto assets and interact with your dApps only when they want to.

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Use Cases

Built For Everyone

W3gets are built for everyone, whether you're an artist releasing their first collection, or an established enterprise looking to add Web3 to your business without breaking the bank. Our widgets are designed for ease of use as well as customization to give everyone the right tools for their particular use case.

Custodial Wallets

W3gets Offers a comprehensive custodial wallet solution that integrates easily with our widgets. Create a service in minutes and start signing up users today. We'll take care of your user's accounts so you don't have to.

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